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One Imperial Street Hotel Hang Zhou profile

2019/2/16 20:55:17
Hangzhou Royal Street, the hotel is located in West Lake road and Zhongshan Road (Southern Song imperial street intersection), hotel is located in the beautiful West Lake 1000 meters away from the Wushan Square, pedestrian street, Hangzhou street, a special snack is about 500 meters away.
Luxury hotel decoration and have great originality, a total of 4 layers of a total of 51 sets of modern fashion design and elegant and comfortable as one of the deluxe rooms and is equipped with a tropical rainforest shower, luxurious toiletries, 55 inch 4K LCD TV, mini Apple Music station, free Deluxe Mini bar, and is equipped with many modern facilities for guests to bring better stay experience. Stay at 1st Street, you can choose style hotel, Western food and famous English afternoon tea.

Bellagio Shanghai traffic info

Business zone:
Address:Shanghai · Shanghai · hongkouqu - No.188 Beisuzhou Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, 200080, P.R. China