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W Suzhou profile

2019/2/16 20:55:46
Wander along ancient canals and meander maze-like gardens in a city that once mesmerized China's most celebrated high society with its exquisite elegance and culture. Drive 5-10 minutes to the city's famous landmarks such as the Humble Administrator's Garden, the Suzhou Museum, the Mainland's first Eslite bookstore, Shin Kong Place, Ligong Causeway, Suzhou Cultural and Arts center, etc.
Steal away into a wonderland of furniture pieces levitating above carpet embedded with a crystal cloud in 379 guestrooms and suites, accentuated by swirls of vibrant hues. 60 serviced apartments, just in case you want to stay longer. Spectacular city and lake views unfold theatrically against a bright and polished palette inspired by local opera, creating a lush landscape evoking Suzhou’s luxuriant gardens.
Cozy up at The Kitchen Table, where joy-inducing simple pleasures and everything simply indulgent are served with ample sides of conversation and conviviality. Su Yan redefines Chinese classics as sleek,

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Address:Shanghai · Shanghai · hongkouqu - No.188 Beisuzhou Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, 200080, P.R. China