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The St. Regis Zhuhai profile

2019/2/16 20:55:50
Ideally located in the waterfront of Wanzai, Zhuhai, a beautiful coastal city known as "Chinese Riviera", The St. Regis Zhuhai is just across-water from Macao. Towering the top from the 41st to 72nd floors of Zhuhai Tower, the iconic city landmark, the hotel enjoys breathtaking view of the vast Greater Bay and landscape of Zhuhai and Macao. As the 10th St. Regis hotel opening in Greater China, the hotel tends to create exquisite experience for the discerning luminaries by recrafting the brand classics in a modern way.

Bellagio Shanghai traffic info

Business zone:
Address:Shanghai · Shanghai · hongkouqu - No.188 Beisuzhou Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, 200080, P.R. China